Oregon Social Security Disability Benefits Assistance

Originally suggested to become a part of the greater Social Security program in the mid-1930’s, Social Security Disability (SSD) was not signed into U.S law until July 1956.

With more than 10 MILLION people currently relying on the financial assistance that SSD provides, the program has proven to be a safety net that eligible workers can use in the event that they are severely disabled and unable to return to work for extended periods of time.

SSD Application Processing Times and Payments

Most Social Security disability applications are processed with 30 to 90 days however, depending on location and demand, this time can extend to more than 500 days.

When combined with the fact that most first-time applicants are rejected due to ineligibility or documentation related errors, it can make the entire application process very frustrating for most applicants.

However, for those that are successful with their application, there are a variety of different payment rates that vary depending on the requirements of the applicant.

With that in mind, some monthly payment figures are:

  • $1,100 for most workers that have a disability
  • $1,185 for most widows that are older than 60 years
  • $1,320 for retired workers
  • $1,878 for a worker that is disabled and has a spouse and child
  • $2,366 for a worker that is 66 years or older and is retiring
  • $2,487 for a widow with two or more children

While these rates can vary from case to case, they illustrate an approximate range of the monthly benefits currently being collected by SSD recipients.

Not Sure If You Qualify? We Can Help

By providing the connection to an exclusive network of experienced Oregon Social Security disability lawyers, we are able to help SSD applicants in Oregon to obtain the information and guidance that is often required when filing or re-filing a Social Security disability application.

In fact, studies have shown that by hiring the services of a reputable attorney can greatly increase the chances of successfully obtaining benefits – largely due to the fact that during the screening process, the legitimacy of the individuals application will often NOT be challenged by the SSA whenever an attorney is present at the hearing.

It’s worth noting that most of our Oregon Social Security disability attorneys currently offer Oregon residents a 100% FREE initial application assessment, which allows the applicant to submit the information about their claim to an attorney, who will review the information and then help to determine if they have adequate grounds to obtain disability benefits.

If so, the attorney will then advise on the best way to move forward with proceedings.

To find out more, simply fill out and submit the “Free Disability Evaluation” form located at the top of this page – it’s highly confidential and 100% FREE to send and submit.

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